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​Farewell to Dr Stepan Kerkyasharian

image of stepan kerkyasharianPublished: 3 February 2016

Anti-Discrimination Board bids farewell to Dr Stepan​ ​Kerkyasharian who has ended his appointment as President of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board, a role he has held since 2003.

Dr Kerkyasharian has been praised for his work by Attorney General, Gabrielle Upton.

"He has been a strong advocate for eliminating discrimination, particularly in the workplace and in the delivery of goods and services. He's worked closely with multicultural, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (GLBTI) and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to ensure they are aware of their right to lodge a complaint under the protections of the Anti-Discrimination Act", said Ms Upton.

Until January 2014, Dr Kerkyasharian was also the Chair of the Community Relations Commission (now Multicultural NSW), a position he had held since 1989. From 1980 to 1988 he was the foundation head of SBS Radio. He is recognised for being a major catalyst in the establishment of a professional multilingual radio service.

From 1 February 2016, Elizabeth Wing will act as President of the Anti-Discrimination Board on an interim basis while a recruitment process is carried out by the NSW Department of Justice.

Ms Wing began her career as a solicitor in 1985. Prior to joining the Anti-Discrimination Board, Ms Wing held senior roles at the Health Care Complaints Commission, the Women's Legal Resources Centre and the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission.

Ms Wing has been the Anti-Discrimination Board's Manager of Enquiries and Conciliation since 2003. During this period she has served as Acting President of the Anti-Discrimination Board when required. ​

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