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​Community Advocates Networking Event​

Published date: 22 March 2016

The Anti-Discrimination Board held a morning tea on 22 March 2016 and met with community advocates and service providers. Representatives from government agencies, legal firms, community legal centres and advocacy organisations came along to discuss discrimination issues facing their clients and what the board can do to help.

Issues raised included:

  • how potential complainants can get advice on the most suitable way to address their problem, 
  • the factors that affect choice of jurisdiction, 
  • the role of legal advisers in the Board’s processes, 
  • ways of addressing urgent complaints (for example if someone is about to lose their job or housing) 
  • and the need for ongoing community engagement.
One participant made the interesting point that many people who lodge discrimination complaints are more interested in an outcome involving education of the parties involved rather than financial compensation. This may be particularly the case in rural communities where all those involved have to coexist closely.

Photos from event:

​Staffs from Anti-Discrimination Board, Department of Justice, Office of Legal Services Commissioner, Disability Advocacy NSW, Kingsford Legal Centre, University of New South Wales, Clayton UTZ and Legal Aid

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lwing_mar2016a.JPGPicture: Anti-Discrimination Board Acting President Elizabeth Wing