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Teacher training placements conflict with child care

Conciliations: Age discrimination 

Published: 17 March 2017

A woman with young children had difficulty negotiating to undertake her teacher training placements part-time.


A woman who was training to be a teacher and also had young children was having trouble meeting the placement requirements at her university. The placements were in blocks of two to four weeks and she wanted to do them part-time over four weeks to eight weeks, but the university claimed this was not possible to arrange.

The woman made a complaint of age discrimination by association. By this time she had been required to do the two week placement full-time. However there were more placements coming up in the following year, which were in four week blocks.

When the Board contacted the university, it transpired that plans for the placements had not yet been finalised for this year. The complainant was able to negotiate an arrangement which suited her better, and the complaint​ was resolved.

What are my work rights?

You generally have the right to be trained, promoted, and get all other work benefits, no matter how old you are, or how old any of your relatives or associates are, including your children. All other rules in the workplace should also be applied in the same way to people of all ages.

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