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​Doctor sexually harassed at a medical centre 

Conciliation - sexual harassment and carer's responsibilities in employment and sex discrimination

The complainant was a doctor who worked​ at a medical centre. She said that she was sexually harassed by the principal doctor at the centre, who offered her favours, visited her at home, telephoned her and told her he had feelings for her, made comments about her appearance, hugged her and said that they should be lovers.

The complainant said that the practice had sponsored her to work under a 457 visa. She felt powerless to do anything about the harassment as the principal of the practice was effectively her boss and her sponsor, and she was concerned about losing her job. 

But when she ultimately told him that she didn’t like his advances and was not interested in a relationship, her employment was terminated. She then made a complaint of sexual harassment against the principal doctor and the medical centre.

The respondents denied unlawful conduct and said that the behaviour attributed to the principal doctor had been fabricated, exaggerated or misconstrued. They said that the complainant had accepted a conditional offer of employment with a number of requirements to be met, including the extension of her 457 visa and successful attainment of her Medicare Provider Number. 

The respondents said that the complainant had not met these requirements in the given timeframe and had failed to respond to a letter asking her to show cause as to why her offer of employment should not be withdrawn. The complainant disputed that she had had not complied with the requirements and said that had not received such a letter. 

The complaint was resolved following conciliation when the complainant accepted a payment of $17,000 in settlement.​

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