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​Bullied and teased in her first job

Conciliation: Age and race discrimination in employment

Published: 3 December 2018

A young woman made a discrimination complaint after she felt that she was not treated fairly in the workplace. She worked for a company in a male dominated industry whose headquarters were in another state.

It was the woman’s first job, and she felt that older staff bullied her, gave her mundane tasks and teased her when she didn’t know how to do things. She had a boyfriend from another country and she felt that they asked intrusive questions about him and had a negative attitude towards him.

The young woman became extremely stressed and went on sick leave. She spoke to the organisation’s human resources department while she was still on leave and they said they took mental health issues seriously and would come from interstate to investigate. They encouraged her not to resign. 

However the woman did resign, and made a complaint to the Board. She was unaware that the investigation had occurred and felt her problem had not been taken seriously.

At conciliation, the organisation’s representative had the opportunity to explain to the complainant that they had taken her seriously, and the complainant had the chance to let them know how badly she had been affected by her experience. The organisation agreed to pay the woman some financial compensation and the complaint was resolved.

What does the law say about age discrimination?

It is generally against the law in NSW to treat you unfairly or harass you because of your age, or because of the age of any of your relatives, friends, associates or work colleagues.

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