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Conciliation - Disability discrimination in goods and services

The complainant has Asperger's syndrome and anxiety, and is unable to use the telephone or shop in person, so she uses online shopping services.

On one occasion she experienced technical difficulties with her online grocery order and had no option but to contact the store. She said that the person she spoke to insisted that she provide a valid telephone number, and after she advised that she could not be contacted by phone, her order was cancelled.

The woman made a complaint of disability discrimination to the Board. When the Board contacted the store, they were keen to resolve the matter as soon as possible. They wrote to the complainant acknowledging the distress she experienced and apologising for any lack of flexibility in responding to her telephone call. They gave a detailed explanation of their online ordering process and why they needed a valid telephone number. 

The store also provided an alternative method for the complainant to contact them via email, and offered to pay for her last order as settlement of the complaint. The complainant accepted this and the complaint was resolved without the need for a formal conciliation conference.

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