Training for community and advice workers    

Anti-Discrimination NSW offers a FREE training for community workers and other people who advise clients, consumers and members of the public about their rights and responsibilities under anti-discrimination law.

​Anti-discrimination rights, advice and strategies

The training enables participants; community and advice workers to recognise when unfair treatment may be against the law and when it is not, and give accurate advice to members of the community about their rights under anti-discrimination law. 

Training covers:

  • the role of the Anti-Discrimination NSW
  • what types of discrimination are against the law
  • what areas of public life are covered by anti-discrimination law
  • working out if unfair treatment is covered by anti-discrimination law 
  • exceptions and exemptions from the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act
  • how community workers can help someone who has experienced discrimination
  • lodging a complaint with the Anti-Discrimination NSW
  • contacting the Anti-Discrimination NSW

Register for a free community training:

​​Contact us on (02) 9268 5555 or email us on: adbcontact@justice.nsw.gov.au

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education

​Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team can also provide training and information that is specifically designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

 See more information on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Training ​