Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW

Research resources    

The Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW provides a number of resources for researchers, journalists, students and the general public. These include the following:
  • Tips on how to research anti-discrimination and human rights law    

  • Indexes to articles and recent legal cases covered in our newsletter, Equal Time

  • A selection of conciliated complaints handled by the Anti-Discrimination Board

  • Speeches made by the President and other Board representatives 

  • Media releases produced by the Anti-Discrimination Board on current issues    

  • Statistics about the type of discrimination complaints we receive and how they are finalised    

  • Information about the history of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977(NSW)

  • Links to other relevant websites

See also our publications and reports and submissions


For all enquiries about these resources, including media enquiries, please phone (02) 9268 5555 or 1800 670 812.