Intellectual Disability - unfair treatment ... what to do

The booklet  Unfair treatment...what to do is designed for people with an intellectual disability. It was developed with the Intellectual Disability Rights Centre.     The booklet explains the basics of anti-discrimination law using simple picture stories of common situations they may encounter. Topics covered include:

  • rights within the community and workplace;
  • strategies to ensure fair treatment;
  • how to lodge a complaint with the Anti-Discrimination Board.
The booklet can be read by the person themselves or used as a teaching resource by family members, educators and advocates

Print copies of Unfair treatment...what to do cost $5 each. To order, use the Publications Order Form

PDF version

Unfair treatment...what to do can be downloaded free as a PDF.

Slideshow version

Unfair treatment...what to do is also available as a slideshow which can be viewed on a computer screen, or projected onto a larger screen. This is in PDF format. There are also instructions on how to navigate the slideshow.

Text only

Refer also to our factsheet for people with an intellectual disability.