Annual Report 2001-2002

 Highlights of 2001-02 include:

  • progressed implementation of recommendations from Board's enquiry into Hepatitis C related discrimination
  • embarked on Advance Australia Fairly project to promote greater understand of the role of people from different backgrounds
  • participated in AGD's Flexible service delivery program to improve services for people with disabilities
  • responded to 15,800 enquiries
  • received 1,625 complaints and finalised 1,482 complaints
  • provided 781 training and information sessions involving over 16,000 participants
  • partnered with Crime Prevention Division of Attorney General's Department to contribute to Gay Mardi Gras, with theme 'Skool's Out'
  • produced new guidelines for trade union delegates
  • produced new information in audio for people with a print disability such as vision impairment, print information in 24 languages and audio information in ten languages for broadcast on local community radio
  • undertook study tour on public sector discrimination

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