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If you are responsible for the care of a family member you have the same rights as any other employee.

This includes opportunities for promotion, transfer, training and all other work benefits. You also have a right to request special arrangements to help you do your job at the same time as managing your responsibilities as a carer.

If you are treated unfairly or discriminated against because of your responsibilities as a carer, the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW can give you advice on your options and rights under NSW anti-discrimination law.

Employers benefit from supporting employees who are responsible for caring for a member of their family.

Providing flexible working arrangements helps employers: 

  • improve employee work satisfaction; 
  • reduce unplanned absences;
  • retain experienced staff;
  • build a skilled workforce; and
  • retain organisational knowledge.

Giving employees access to balanced work and lifestyle practices will be better for everyone and reduce the risk of discrimination against any individual.

Anti-Discrimination law in NSW prohibits discrimination against employees because of their carer's responsibilities.

The law provides a good guide to creating equitable and consistent policies that benefit all employers and employees.

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