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Message from the President 

I hope that everyone has truly settled into the swing of 2020. I am delighted to announce that we will now be publishing Equal Time on a monthly basis. As you read further, you will notice some new additions to the newsletter. I hope that you enjoy reading this February issue.

As most of you will know, the colourful and iconic Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras season began mid-February. We had the pleasure of hosting a stall at Mardi Gras Fair Day, one of the main events to kick off the annual celebration at Sydney’s Victoria Park.

It makes me proud to think of the many years that we have taken part in Fair Day, over 15 years now. The day was a great opportunity to celebrate and support the LGBTIQA+ community as well as to promote Anti-Discrimination NSW services, raise awareness of anti-discrimination law and engage with the public and our stakeholders.

During February, we also received some enquires relating to coronavirus-related discrimination. In response to these enquiries and other reports in the media, we issued a public statement calling for community cohesion: “Racism, whether it’s deliberate, casual or indirect is absolutely unacceptable. Now is the time for our communities to come together and offer support, not a time to spread fear, stigma, and xenophobia.” You can read the full statement on our website.

We also spent the month welcoming new faces to our team: a new Enquiries and Conciliation manager, two new officers in our Governance and Advice team, and next month a new graphic designer will be joining us. 

Looking ahead, March will be an exciting action-packed month for us at Anti-Discrimination NSW. I encourage you to check out the calendar below to see whether there are any events of interest.
Finally, if you are marching or viewing the fabulous Mardi Gras Parade tomorrow (29 February) stay safe and enjoy.

Thank you again for taking the time to read Equal Time, your support is crucial in our mission to eliminate discrimination and create a fairer and more equal state for all.

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Annabelle Bennett AC SC, President, Anti-Discrimination NSW

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