Guidelines for the hotel and accommodation industry 

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Anti-Discrimination Guidelines for the Hotel and Accommodation Industry was produced by the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW, the  Australian Hotels Association (NSW)(AHA (NSW))and Tourism Accommodation Australia (NSW), in consultation with the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing.

The guidelines explain the rights and responsibilities of hoteliers and their employees under anti-discrimination law. If you have any questions about these guidelines please contact the AHA (NSW) or the Anti-Discrimination Board.

The guidelines can be downloaded as an interactive PDF, or as a text file.

Download Guidelines for hoteliers - PDF version

To use the Guidelines for hoteliers PDF, please download all the files below and save them in the same folder. This will ensure that all cross-document links work.

In the PDF there are links to sample Workforce Diversity Groups (EEO) and harassment policies which are intended to be amended to suit the needs of individual hotels. These are not available free of charge, but can be purchased from the Anti-Discrimination Board. 

More information about the sample policies

Download Guidelines for hoteliers - text version