Community Workers Guidelines 

These guidelines are intended for anyone who works for the community sector in NSW and who advises clients about their rights or advocates on their behalf, including:

  • front-line workers in non-government organisations, government departments and local Councils;
  • people who advise clients voluntarily;
  • community leaders; and
  • management committee members.

These guidelines will help you:

  • recognise when unfair treatment is against the law and when it is not;
  • give accurate advice to clients, consumers or members of your community about their rights under anti-discrimination law;
  • assist clients to resolve cases of unfair treatment;
  • find out how to get more information and advice about anti-discrimination law;
  • and understand how to use the Anti-Discrimination Board, including how to help someone lodge a complaint with the Board.

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ISBN 0-9750693-2-2 - 32 pages

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