Guidelines for Advertisers 


These Guidelines provide information on how advertisers can meet their obligations under anti-discrimination law.

They explain what is covered by anti-discrimination law in NSW, how to follow anti-discrimination law, and how the Board investigates complaints.

By following these guidelines, advertisers can ensure that they avoid discrimination. Discrimination-free advertising is fairer for everyone, ensures that the widest possible audience is reached and also avoids potential legal cases which may be costly and time-consuming.

Guidelines includes: 

  • how Anti-Discrimination law affects advertisers
  • how to make sure that advertisements do not discriminate
  • legal responsibility if an advertisement breaks the law
  • advertisements that indicate an intention to discriminate
  • advertisements that vilify
  • rules and exceptions 


Our guidelines for advertisers are currently being revised. In the interim, you can download for FREE a pdf of the previous version with all the essential details updated. 

Download Advertisers Guideline - PDF 6MB

If you are unable to access the pdf, please contact the Anti-Discrimination Board. o(02) 9268 5555 or 1800 670 812.

ISBN 0 7310 3676 X - 10 pages

guidelines for advertisers

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