How to lodge a complaint

A complaint to us must be in writing. Fill in the complaint form or write a letter to the President of Anti-Discrimination NSW with the information asked for on the form.

Send your complaint

Send your complaint via email, post, fax your complaint form or letter to us

or deliver it in person to our office 

  • Street address: Level 7/10 Valentine Avenue, Parramatta NSW

Please note that a copy of your complaint and any information you send to us will be sent to the person or organisation you are complaining about.

Complaints on your behalf 

We also accept complaints on your behalf from organisations such as unions and other representative bodies. However, the complaint must make it clear that you agree with the complaint being made and you must be named in the complaint. 

In some circumstances you may also be required to show you consent to the complaint being made on your behalf.

Complaint on behalf of a child or person with disability

If you want to make a complaint on behalf of a child or a person with a disability, contact us for more information.

Complaint in any language

You can write your complaint in any language, or in braille. If you need help to make a written complaint, you can ask a friend or relative or someone at your local community centre to write down what you want to say and you can sign it.

Complaint in audio

If this is not possible, you can record your complaint on an audio device (make sure that you include the same details that you would have put in a letter or on the complaint form) and send it to the President of Anti-Discrimination NSW. If you do this you must also send us a short covering letter that says:

'I [your name] wish to make a complaint of [insert ground and area, eg sex discrimination in employment] against [insert name of person/organisation] and the details are in the enclosed cassette. [Your signature]'