​How to lodge a complaint

Make your complaint in writing

A complaint to us must be in writing. You can fill in the complaint form or write a letter to the President of Anti-Discrimination NSW.

Please note that a copy of your complaint and any information you send to us will be sent to the person or organisation you are complaining about.

Send your complaint to us

You can send your complaint to us by post, email or fax. You can also deliver the complaint to our office in person.

Postal address: PO Box W213, Parramatta Westfield NSW 2150
Street address: L7, 10 Valentine Ave, Parramatta NSW 2150
Email: complaintsadb@justice.nsw.gov.au
Fax: 02 9268 5500

Complaints on behalf of another person

We accept complaints made on your behalf from organisations such as unions and other representative bodies. The complaint must name you as the complainant and make it clear that you agree with the complaint being made. 

In some circumstances you may be required to show you consent to the complaint being made on your behalf.

If you are a child or a person with disability and want to have a complaint made on your behalf, contact us for more information.

Complaints in other languages and formats

If you have difficulty writing your complaint, you can provide your complaint in a different format and we will write it for you free of charge. You can provide a video recording of yourself explaining the complaint, a voice recording, a complaint written in a language other than English or a complaint recorded in Auslan and we will have it translated free of charge.