Employers and managers


  • Our enquiry service can confidentially answer your questions about specific discrimination matters in recruitment, ongoing employment and termination. 
  • Our educatio​n service can assist you and your staff to understand their rights and responsibilities under anti-discrimination law, prevent bullying and harassment, handle grievances and manage diversity in the workplace.
  • Our consultancy service can provide more in-depth advice on issues relating to Workforce Diversity Groups (EEO), discrimination, harassment and bullying, how to implement best practice policies and procedures and how to address specific and systemic problems. 
  • Our sample policies for Workforce Diversity Groups (EEO), harassment and handling grievances procedure enable you to follow industry best practice. They can be adapted for individual company use by adding the company name and other details. 
  • Our publications include guidelines for employers and managers, a factsheet for small business as well as posters on bullying, harassment and diversity. 
  • Our FREE e-newsletter Equal Time contains user-friendly articles about how anti-discrimination law affects employers and managers. You can also read back articles from the last ten years. 
  • Find out if you will need an exemption from the  Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW) for a particular employment program, or whether an exception may apply in your circumstances.  
  • Reports of legal cases from past issues of Equal Time will help you understand how the courts are applying anti-discrimination law and how these decisions may affect your organisation. 
  • Reports of conciliated complaints handled by the Board show the kind of problems that have arisen for other employers in the past and how they might have been averted.