Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community information sessions               

Anti-Discrimination NSW's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Outreach program provides community information sessions for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and community workers.

Information session topics 

Discrimination rights, advice and strategies

  • how to identify discrimination, harassment and vilification that is against NSW and federal law
  • how Anti-Discrimination NSW functions and how it handles complaints
  • how to best advise people on their rights
  • how to resolve clients' discrimination and harassment problems locally

Non-discriminatory community management

  • how to identify management responsibilities to ensure that community sector workplaces are discrimination and harassment-free for both employees and clients
  • how to implement equal employment opportunity and affirmative action in your workplace
  • basic principles to observe when handling grievances
  • how to identify liability for discrimination
  • what will happen if a complaint is made against your organisation
  • when and how to seek an exemption from the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977.

Who should attend the sessions

The community information sessions are designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community workers or others who are in an advisory role for the community.

Non-discriminatory community management is for managers, committee members and coordinators in the community sector. It is not open to or suitable for private or public sector managers. 

You must attend the discrimination rights, advice and strategies session before attending the non-discriminatory community management.


​"Your workshop is brilliant, informative and culturally appropriate. Congratulations​!"

"A very well-delivered presentation! Take advantage of this workshop - you'll greatly benefit by it."

"The training was invaluable information in order to do my job efficiently."

"The most useful part for me was learning the process of the Anti-Discrimination NSW and information on guidelines for our ​referrals."

"I have a better understanding of the importance of clear policies and procedures, and how to deal with in-house issues."

"The content was very interesting and informative and gave me a good understanding of the way the complaint system worked."

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