Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW


About Us                

Anti-Discrimination NSW was set up under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW) to promote anti-discrimination and equal opportunity principles and policies throughout NSW and to administer the Act. It is part of the NSW Department of Justice.

We have three main functions:

1. We handle discrimination complaints

We provide an enquiry service for people who want to know about their rights or responsibilities under anti-discrimination law. We accept discrimination complaints, investigate complaints and conciliate complaints when appropriate. 

We do not initiate or prosecute complaints and we do not take sides in helping parties to resolve a complaint.

​​What types of discrimination are against the law?

​​​How to make a complaint

Addressing workplace problems​

2. We try to prevent discrimination from occurring in the first place

We inform the people of New South Wales about their rights and responsibilities under anti-discrimination laws and explain how they can prevent and deal with discrimination. We do this through consultations, education programs, seminars, talks and participation in community functions. We also provide a comprehensive website, written information and social media.

Training for employers and service providers

Speakers and information stalls


3. We advise the Government

We advise the Government on discrimination matters and make recommendations to the Attorney General on some applications for exemption from the Anti-Discrimination Act.