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    ​​​​Bullying ​and harassmen​t prevention

    Conflict is a healthy aspect of diversity. By learning to use conflict to build understanding, cooperation, collaboration and creativity, you will be in a better position to build a healthy workplace culture that resists bullying and harassment. This seminar is for managers, supervisors and HR and WH+S professionals.​​

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    Sexual harassment - it's your business

    Recently revealed as an even bigger problem than was previously realised, sexual harassment can ruin lives and result in costly payouts. This course will give employers, employees, educators, club managers, unions, professional associations and service providers the tools to prevent sexual harassment through education and cultural change. 

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    Grievance management and resolution

    This seminar gives looks in detail at how to resolve conflict and complaints and involves practical activities and exercises. It is intended for people who are responsible for carrying out investigations, mediating and conciliating conflict, making decisions to resolve problems and implementing outcomes.

    Duration: two days

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    Skills for grievance handling

    How leaders respond to a grievance can make the difference between a fair and speedy resolution and an expensive, protracted dispute. Anyone can be approached  by someone with a grievance or potential grievance. This course is designed to ensure they get it right.

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    Skills for Contact Officers

    This course enables Contact Officers to support co-workers and help them decide how to deal with discrimination, harassment and bullying. It includes exercises and activities to practice newly-aquired skills. This course is also provided as a refresher for people with previous training to update their knowledge and share their experience.

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    Anti-discrimination for service providers

    Service providers such shops, clubs, educational institutions, health care providers, qualifying bodies, trade unions and professional associations face a complex task in avoiding unlawful discrimination while making sound business decisions. This seminar gives you the tools to meet your obligations. ​

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    Preventing disability discrimination

    Employers want the best person for the job, and service providers need to attract clients and customers. But what if the potential employee, client or customer has a disability? Or if an employee acquires a disability after they have been employed? This seminar uses recent case law and practical examples to answer common questions.  

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    Recruitment and management

    Diversity and equal opportunity involve policies, procedures and practices, templates, plans and skills for collecting and working with data. This course covers the practicalities of non-discriminatory recruitment and avoiding discrimination in other management activities. 

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    Managing diversity

    A diverse workforce has many benefits but can also present challenges for employers and service providers. This seminar delivers practical skills to enable managers, supervisors and HR professionals to address the complexities of recruiting, managing and getting the best from a diverse workforce.

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    Overcoming unconscious bias

    Unconscious bias means we may discriminate against people without intending to or realising that we have done so. This can affect decisions in areas like recruitment and dismissal, workforce management and service provision. This course will help managers understand how to minimise unconscious bias and work towards best practice.

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    Your rights and responsibilities at work

    This seminar is for staff who do not have a supervisory role. Participants will develop understanding of laws and policies designed to create a bullying, discrimination and harassment-free environment and learn to contribute to a safe and healthy workplace culture.

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    Case law update

    Our understanding of how to apply the law is constantly developing through the reasoning and decisions of courts, tribunals and commissions. This course supplies important insights from a selection of recent decisions in state and federal courts, equal opportunity tribunals, industrial relations commissions and the Fair Work Commission and Ombudsman.

    Train the trainer

    This course is for HR and learning and development professionals who want to update and improve their knowledge and skills to train staff in-house. It covers issues around diversity and inclusion and preventing discrimination, bullying and harassment.

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    Other course options

    Soci​al media – ‘To tweet or not to tweet’

    • how social media can be a vehicle for discrimination, bullying and harassment 
    • recent trends, case studies and case law
    • risk management and reasonable steps to avoid liability

    F​air performance management

    • performance management and the perception of bullying 
    • how to avoid conscious and unconscious bias
    • reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities or carer’s responsibilities

    Psychiatric disabilities in the workplace

    • the requirements of disability discrimination law
    • balancing the rights and needs of individuals with those of the organisation and other staff
    • performance and behavioural issues

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