On-site training education

We provide training and presentations at your premises and customise them to suit your industry and mix of people. We use examples that your participants will relate to, integrate your policies and procedures into our exercises and address any specific problems that you have identified.

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    Who will on-site training education suit?

    When your organisation has a number of people who need educating, on-site presentations are a more effective investment. The fees are based on the duration of the training course rather than the number of participants.​

    What are the training courses?

    We can provide sessions on any of our standard training courses, customised as needed.

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    Some training courses are also provided as public training seminars. 

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    We can also develop any other relevant training course that you need. Recent examples include managing age diversity, race discrimination, carer’s responsibilities and dealing with difficult clients.​

    Who can we educate?

    We can work with groups of managers or staff as needed, or with groups that include both. We also run training courses for students, boards, members of clubs and associations and any other group that needs assistance to address discrimination, bullying and harassment and achieve equality of opportunity.​​​

    Generally we recommend groups of 15-20 people. These numbers enable us to ensure full training participation and explore individual concerns. We can also provide one-on-one sessions or address larger groups as required.​

    How long are the training courses?​​​​

    The training courses range from an hour to two days. Some training courses have a fixed length, while others can be adapted to suit your needs.​

    ​How to book training courses

    We generally need several weeks notice due to advance bookings. To discuss or book on-site education, please contact us:

    Our fees

    • Up to 2 hours - $1,065 + GST ($59 each for 20 people)
    • Half day - $1,405 + GST ($77 each for 20 people)
    • Full day - $2,545 + GST ($140 each for 20 people)
    • Consultancy - $275 per hour + GST

    These charges include:

    • pre-session consultation and preparation
    • checking your policies and procedures
    • post-session support

    In some circumstances we may charge reasonable travel costs.​

    Who has the Board provided training for?

    • manufacturing
    • financial sector
    • public and private sector organisations
    • mining industry 
    • recruitment agencies
    • trade unions
    • local government
    • legal firms
    • clubs and societies
    • community and welfare agencies
    • health services
    • utilities
    • universities and colleges
    • sporting organisations

    What people have said about our training

    • “The feedback from those who attended our Workforce Diversity Groups (EEO) awareness training was very positive. The case examples were a good interpretation of how current harassment, discrimination and bullying laws operate in Australia." 
    • "ADB were very supportive in delivering a program that enabled our interstate based workforce to link in via telephone conference and net meeting. This was further enhanced through the presenter’s broader knowledge of interstate Workforce Diversity Groups (EEO) legislation. We will definitely consider engaging the services of ADB in the future.”​
    • "The training facilitated by the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board was invaluable, especially as it incorporated the GEO Group Australia policies and procedures relating to bullying and harassment as well as raising grievances." 
    • "I would not hesitate in using the services of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board again.”
    • “The NSW ADB tailored their grievance handling course for Valspar’s senior managers and line managers. The training was closely aligned to our policies, which were reviewed by the ADB and included in the training material." 
    • "The trainer demonstrated her expertise in delivering the material to our managers, both as a trainer and through her experience and knowledge."
    • "The theory was supported with practical and effective case studies and real life issues."
    • "The style of the training was effective and facilitated involvement from all the participants, whose feedback was also extremely positive.”