​Grievance management and resolution 
(training seminar and on-site training course)

Successfully managing the grievance process

This training course covers the complexities of dealing with conflict and complaints to the point of resolution. It is intended for people who are responsible for carrying out investigations, mediating and conciliating conflict, making decisions to resolve problems and implementing outcomes. Participants practice their new skills and knowledge through activities and exercises over the two days.  


  • fair grievance handling principles – procedural and substantive fairness
  • effective grievance policies and procedures
  • maintaining confidentiality and avoiding victimisation
  • communication skills for dealing with complainants, respondents and witnesses 
  • when to attempt mediation or conciliation and the process involved  
  • investigation – the process, record-keeping, reporting
  • making a decision on the balance of probabilities 
  • determining a fair outcome
  • implementing the decision

To do this training course, your organisation must have a grievance procedure. Please bring your organisation's grievance procedure and Workforce Diversity Groups (EEO) policies to this seminar, if you have them.

Training seminar d​etails:

Sydney: 12-13 September 
Newcastle: 21-22 March

Time: 9am – 5pm (2 days)
Cost: $1,397 (includes morning tea and lunch)

On-site training course duration: two days

To register for the training seminar

Please fill in the registration form​​​ ​​and email to adbcontact@justice.nsw.gov.au,​ or phone (02) 9268 5555.

To discuss an on-​​site training course or additional training seminar

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