Training Seminar program 2017

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The Anti-Discrimination Board is the leading authority on anti-discrimination law in NSW and can bring you the latest information about best practice and legal developments.

Our seminars go beyond mere compliance to show you how to develop inclusive, diverse and healthy workplace and organisational cultures.

We run some public seminars which may suit organisations that have only a few people who need education. These enable participants to share their experiences with people from other organisations, while using their own policies and procedures for exercises.

The seminars are particularly suitable for employers, managers, supervisors, and people working in human resources, work health and safety and learning and development. 

We have regular seminars on building healthy workplace cultures, preventing discrimination, harassment and bullying, and aspects of grievance handling. See below for this year’s seminars.

Seminars are run in Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong.


    Dis​c​​​​r​​i​mination, bullying and harassment prevention

    ​​This seminar is for an​​​​yone who is responsible for creating a safe and healthy workplace – managers, human resources and WH&S professionals. It includes activities and exercises designed to build problem-solving skills and apply the latest research and techniques to build a workplace culture that resists bullying and harassment. It also explains state and federal legislation on bullying and harassment using recent case law.


    Where: Parramatta   Date: 14 June
                Wollongong   Dates: 22 February, 18 October

    Time: Half day​ Cost: $385 (includes GST)​​

    More information about Discrimination, bullying and harassment prevention 

    ​Grievance management and resolution

    This seminar covers the complexities of dealing with conflict and complaints. You will learn the process of investigation and record keeping, when and how to attempt conciliation or mediation, and how to determine if a grievance is substantiated. We use the latest case law to explain the Rules of Natural Justice and procedural and substantive fairness and see them applied in real-life situations. And we’ll be giving you plenty of opportunities to practice your new skills and knowledge.


    Where: Sydney Date: 12-13 September
                Newcastle  Date 21-22 March
    Time: Two days  Cost: $1,397 (includes GST), lunch included

    More information about Grievance management and resolution

    Skills for grievance handling

    Any leader can be approached by someone with a grievance. How you respond can make the difference between a fair and speedy resolution and an expensive, protracted dispute. Every leader should understand the grievance handling process and the rules of procedural fairness, and have the skills to make sound decisions about how conflict should be handled. This seminar is designed to ensure you get it right.


    ​Where: Sydney  Date: 23 May
                Newcastle   Date: 10 October
                Wollongong   Dates: 15 March, 27 September
    Time: Full day Cost: $835 (includes GST) lunch included

    More information about Skills for grievance handling​​​​

    ​​​Skills for Contact Officers

    This is a practical seminar for Contact Officers – individuals who listen, support, inform and discuss workplace concerns with their co-workers. You will gain the knowledge and skills needed to help others make sound, informed and early decisions about how to address discrimination, harassment and bullying. 


    Where: Sydney  Dates: 22 March, 22 November
                Newcastle   Date: 2 August
    Time: Full day Cost: $835 (includes GST), lunch included ​

    More information about Skills for Contact Officers​​

    ​​Case law update

    Our understanding of how to apply the law is constantly developing through the reasoning and decisions of courts, tribunals and commissions. This seminar supplies important insights from a selection of recent decisions in state and federal courts, equal opportunity tribunals, industrial relations commissions and the Fair Work Commission and Ombudsman.  ​


    Where: Parramatta   Date16 August  
    Time: Half day Cost: $385 (includes GST)

    ​​More information about Case law update​​

    ​​​Cancellation policy

    If you are not able to attend a seminar, another representative from your organisation is welcome. If no one is able to attend:
    • You will receive a total refund if you give us more than 15 working days written notice before the seminar date
    • You will receive a 50% refund if you give us between 8 and 15 working days written notice before the seminar date
    • You will not receive any refund if you give us less than 8 working days notice before the seminar date.


    • To transfer your booking to a later date, you must give the board at least 8 working days written notice before the original date of the seminar.
    • A non-refundable transfer fee of 30% of the seminar fee (which includes GST) will apply if you transfer your booking to a later date.
    • If you do not attend on the day, you cannot transfer your booking and you will not receive a refund
    • You can make a maximum of one transfer to another date within 12 months (the abovementioned transfer fees apply), after which you will forfeit your seminar fee.​​