Enquiry service


(02) 9268 5544
1800 670 812 (free call outside Sydney)

If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment​​

Contact us through the National Relay Service ​(NRS) ​​call numbers​ and give the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board's number you want to call. For more information, visit NRS website.​​​ 

Enquiry Service

We provide a FREE, confidential enquiry service for:

  • people experiencing discrimination;
  • employers; and
  • service providers.

We can provide people experiencing discrimination or vilification with information about:

  • whether your situation is likely to be covered by the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act;
  • anti-discrimination law generally;
  • strategies to address the situation;
  • where to get help;
  • how to lodge a complaint.

We can provide employers and service providers with information about

  • how to handle particular discrimination issues or grievances;
  • exceptions to and exemptions from the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act; 
  • staff training support. 

​​Further information:

If you need more in-depth advice on issues relating to:

  • EEO
  • discrimination
  • harassment and bullying
  • how to implement best practice policies and procedures
  • how to address systemic problems 

Office location

Our Office in Parramatta is open from 9am-1pm and 2pm-4pmIf you want to visit our office to get advice or speak to someone about a new complaint, please come during these hours.

Parramatta office 

Opening hours: 9am-1pm and 2pm-4pm​

Level 7/10 Valentine Avenue, Parramatta NSW
PO Box W213, Parramatta Westfield NSW 2150

Phone (02) 9268 5555
Fax (02) 9268 5500

The Parramatta office is close to public transport and has accessible public car parks.

FREE Legal advice:​

The Legal Aid NSW is running a FREE monthly legal advice session for NSW Anti-Discrimination Board matters at the Anti-Discrimination Board’s office.
ADB Parramatta Office: Level 7/10 Valentine Avenue, Parramatta NSW​

Please contact us on: (02) 9268 5544 or 1800 670 812 (Toll Free) to discuss whether you are eligible for this service and to book an appointment.​

​​Legal advise service by Legal Aid NSW and ADB

More information on Legal Aid MOU with ADB

Contact us for other ADB services: 

Consultancy Service: 

Consultancy service - Our Senior Workplace Relations Consultants can provide specialist consultancy services to your organisation on issues relating to EEO, discrimination, harassment and bullying.

  • Parramatta: (02) 9268 5500 or toll free 1800 670 812
  • Newcastle: (02) 4903 5300

Training Service:

On-site Training​​ -  training at your premises and customise it to suit your industry needs.

  • Parramatta: (02) 9268 5513, toll free 1800 670 812
  • Newcastle: (02) 4927 8476​ 
  • Wollongong: (02) 4267 6200​ 
  • email to adbcontact@justice.nsw.gov.au