Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW

Organisational structure    

The Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW is based in Sydney and has regional offices in Newcastle and Wollongong.

The President is the salaried Chief Executive Officer of the Board. The members of the Board are the President as Chair and four part-time members appointed by the Governor of NSW.

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Branches and teams

The Enquiries and Conciliation branch handles initial enquiries and calls for advice about discrimination, and for investigating and conciliating discrimination complaints received by the Board.

The Education Services team provides workplace training for employers and service providers, community education, information, publication and website services.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Outreach Team handles telephone enquiries and discrimination complaints from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and provides community liaison and education.

The Liaison and Support branch provides support services to assist in achieving the primary goals of the Board, including financial control and information technology.

The regional offices in Newcastle and Wollongong handle complaints and provide education services for those areas.

The Board also has a Legal Officer who assists all the branches and the Board members in their work.